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The Bad News

January 31, 2017
Threats to Humanity in 2017

According to the World Economic Forum, the greatest threats to humanity in 2017 are:

  • Donald Trump (oops – just kidding)
  1. Extreme weather – flash floods, heatwaves and drought. Global warming is real.
  2. Large scale migration.
  3. Deadly terrorist activity.
  4. A devastating natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane.
  5. Massive data theft.

To this I believe you can add:

  • The growing rage of the forgotten middle class and the flight to populism and protectionism (the natural precursor to fascism).
  • A deadly pandemic / virus travelling globally at lightning speed.
  • A lack of moral, purpose-driven leadership at the political level in a growing number of key economies, both developed and developing.
  • The rise and rise of Putin’s single-minded determination to destabilise the West and “recreate the Soviet Empire”.
  • The de-unification of the US as President Trump fails to bring harmony (or at least tolerance) to the Greatest Nation on Earth.

But – there’s a bunch of Good News too – read tomorrow’s blog.


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