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450 Calories and Less

May 3, 2017
MyFoodBag Fresh Start

The need to slim down is a health imperative for the majority of people in most of the world’s countries. There are multi-million and billion dollar industries invested in weight loss, from diet to exercise to devices and procedures and low calorie food. All of it is hard work; persistence is required; though it helps when there are some well-designed products at reach.

Many of KR Connect’s readers will know I am Chair of the innovative New Zealand company My Food Bag, the clear market leader in food home delivery service. Last year we launched Bargain Box, designed for more budget-conscious families and those seeking better value-for-money. This week we launched Fresh Start designed specifically for people who want to lose and manage their weight. Fresh Start combines portion control, healthy eating, and cooking techniques with each meal nutritionally balanced and 450 calories or less.

Our chief dietitian and MFB co-founder Nadia Lim says many people are looking for greater levels of control and accountability when it comes to their diet.

“For many Kiwis, managing weight is an endless battle. As we age, we tend to become more health aware in terms of our dietary needs, but it can be a challenge to improve our eating habits and consistently stick to them. As a dietitian, I’m passionate about helping Kiwis to eat better, and this new range takes the guess work out of ingredient shopping, meal preparation and calorie-counting.”

Fresh Start delivers ingredients for five recipes door-to-door each week in 10 portion or 20 portion boxes. The 20-portion box serves five dinners for four people for $199 – $9.95 and 450 or less calories. The range features more vegetables and lean proteins than other My Food Bag offerings and lower levels of carbohydrates. It excludes all refined sugar. The meals feature lean proteins, large volumes of seasonal vegetables, lower volumes of carbohydrates focused on wholegrain or vegetable-based sources, and no refined sugar. Fresh Start allows users to choose from three plans ranging from 1200 calories a day to 1800 calories a day, depending on their level of daily activity.

And we’re providing our customers with tools including meal planning, recipes and ingredients – as well as advice and support they need to help them with successfully losing weight and improving their health and wellbeing.

So what does 450 calories or less taste like? Yummy!! Here’s the line-up:

· Vietnamese Chicken Laab with lemongrass, capsicum and sprouts

· Moroccan Baked Fish with spiced roasted capsicum, courgette, spinach and chickpeas

· Sumac Sesame Chicken with cauliflower, cucumber and tomato tabbouleh

· Ginger Pork Sirloin Stir-Fry with five-spice, broccoli and capsicum

· Cumin Spiced Beet with super seed broccoli slaw.

Check out www.myfoodbag.co.nz.


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