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Spread Your #lovein3words

March 15, 2017

Revlon have done a loving thing. On the Oscars broadcast they launched The Love Project. Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams and Ellen DeGeneres fronted the Love Project ad explaining what love means to them, in the hope of raising money for several charities, in addition to the $1 million Revlon had already pledged.

“The Love Project is the beginning of a social movement which aims to inspire more love, acceptance and caring in the world,” said Carlos Barreto, Revlon SVP Marketing. “At the heart of this campaign is the belief that all people are beautiful and that love can create a better world.”

Thousands of people have tweeted to #lovein3words. Here’s a sampler:

Helping our veterans

Confidence Courage Smiles

Strong Brave Fight

You. Us. Together.

Kindness. Passion. Empathy.

Family. Unity. Blessing.

Redeemed. Brave. Beautiful.

My Silly Boys

Belong Home Us

Show You Care

Grace in Tolerance

Art Music Life

We Not Me

Models of Diversity

Love They Neighbor

Family Above All

Dogs More Dogs

Nice one Revlon. Lovemarks in action.


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