64 Shots Cover
64 Shots: Leadership in a Crazy World
A compendium of value-accelerators for business and life. It is gathered as a 64 shot method from the astute observations...
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Lovemarks: the future beyond brands
Brands have run out of juice. Lovemarks challenges business to reinvent the relationship between consumers and producers in the most...
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The Lovemarks Effect
Lovemarks Effect
A business revolution is changing all the rules of the marketplace. Power is shifting from manufacturers and retailers directly to...
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Peak Performance
Peak Performance: Business Lessons from the World’s Top Sports
With access to such sporting legends as Michael Jordan, Franz Beckenbauer, and Jonah Lomu and in-depth analysis with the owners...
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Sisomo Book Cover
Sisomo: The Future on Screen
A new word has been introduced into the global language bank, and this stylish book is its debut. A richly...
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