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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

November 15, 2019

Finally got to watch Tarantino’s 9th movie on the Manchester – Singapore flight.  2 hours, 40 minutes of classic 1960’s movies with an imaginative, fast paced 60’s sound track – think Paul Revere and the Raiders, Feliciano, Vanilla Fudge, Los Bravos.

Kill Bill is my all time Tarantino favourite, but ‘Hollywood’ has passed Pulp Fiction to become Number Two.  It features Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in the two big roles, but has great cameos from Justified’s Tim Olyphant, Homeland’s Damian Lewis (as Steve McQueen) and Al Pacino, Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen, Margot Robbie and Dakota Fanning.

It’s the best way to pass three hours on a plane or a cold winter weekend / evening.  Funny, nostalgic, full of clever 60’s references.  It truly captures the mood of Hollywood and the USA in 1969.

Don’t miss it.



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