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20 Tips from Moffo

May 12, 2023

I worked hand-in-hand with (ex Australian Rugby League CEO) David Moffett in the 90’s when he was the CEO of New Zealand Rugby and I was the Chairman of NZRU’s Marketing Committee.  Together we landed the Adidas partnership and Sky’s broadcast deal.

Moffo went on to head up Wales Rugby, Sport England and is now an acerbic and provocative influencer and commentator on the game they play in Heaven.

I’ve been working with him on a show he’s about to take on the road in New Zealand and Australia – 20 Tips in 20 Minutes.

It’s pithy, incisive, authentic, challenging and spot on.  I’m sworn to secrecy on the content, but if you can catch his show in a rugby club, pub or theatre somewhere, grab the opportunity – you’ll enjoy it.  (In the meantime I’ll be working on getting Moffo to release his secrets!)


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